Tip #2: Use the Change of Seasons as Inspiration

Simple accessories set a simple tone for summer
Does your home look the same from year to year with things rarely changing?

Would you love to know a simple way to freshen your home every few months?

Are you interested in learning to use different materials, colors and accessories at different times of the year?

A sure fire way to keep your home looking updated is to draw inspiration from each changing season. You enrich the energy in your home by taking a cue from nature. In our fast -paced culture, it is easy to lose track of time. What looked fresh and bright in the summer can look tired by late fall. Making seasonal transitions to your home also gives your body and spirit the chance to adjust to a different temperature and pace. Everyone who lives in your home will benefit from a space that is in tune with the seasons because it keeps you in present time.

Richer toned accessories transition to fall
Each season has a distinctive vibration whether you live in a warm and sunny climate year round or have four distinct seasons. As Summer changes to Fall, stay current by changing light-colored fabrics and light-weight textures and accessories to richer, more vibrant colors and heavier fabrics. Where glass, woven items and casual accessories may look fun and interesting in the summer months, they can look insubstantial in the fall. Displaying fall fruits and gourds, paired with vibrant orange and red accessories welcomes the new season into your space, transforming the atmosphere of your home. It’s a transitional time that honors a different pace and puts the focus on reaping the seeds sowed in spring and summer.

Deep, rich tones create a reflective, peaceful tone for winter.Fall into Winter is a gradual changeover to even heavier, richer fabrics and hues and more substantial accessories and artwork. The winter is a great time for drama and striking combinations as holidays and entertainment comes to the forefront. Creating a memorable environment helps build a great setting for everything from simple activities like baking to being a great backdrop for elaborate parties for the Holidays. There is a definite turn inward in the winter and by honoring this season’s natural time for inner retreat and reflection you can emerge refreshed and renewed for springtime.

Winter into Spring, signals a time for fresh, light colors and simpler fabrics. By slowly building your inventory of linens, pillows, and accessories you are able to create fresh looking designs throughout your home because you have learned the key to keeping your home current looking. An orchid or tulips give any table a shot of color and vibrancy and awaken the senses. Just remember, you are always looking to the seasons for inpiration!

As spring melts into summer,your home can reflect the casual, unstructured days of vacation mode! Even though your pace and lifestyle my be busy, taking a cue from summer is essential. The lighter colors, fabrics and accessories give your body and spirit a strong signal to kick back and look at life from a more relaxed viewpoint.

Your home is a reflection of all the people who live there. Just like the seasons continually change, so do we all. By making simple yet effective changes seasonally your home will always stay fresh, current and inviting.



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