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Welcome to Diana Ezerins Interiors


  • Does your home reflect your lifestyle, taste and personality?
  • What would it feel like to live in a space you love to come home to?
  • What does it take to have a home that is inspiring, nurturing and attractive?

Diana Ezerins Interiors’ target is to create beautiful homes by redesigning space for maximal function, flow and aesthetics. Diana offers Conscious Decorating©. Conscious Decorating is a unique combination of skills that couples razor sharp energetic awareness with top-notch design abilities to create a home that has flowing, balanced energy.

Diana uses pragmatic skills along with amazing intuitive abilities to deliver optimal, energizing interior redesigns of your living space. She incorporates the use of meaningful, sustainable furnishings and decorative elements to enliven your space. Every space ends up reflecting the individuality of her clients and serves as an energetic support for their lives.


Diana Ezerins Interiors offers:

  • Professional Interior Redesign
  • Professional Home Staging
  • Space Balancing and Clearing
  • Color Consultations and Materials Specification
  • Classes, Training and Seminars
  • “Great Vibes” Blog






Interior Redesign

  • Have you dreamed about living in a home that looks amazingly attractive and pulled together, but don’t know where to start?
  • What atmosphere do you desire in your home- warm and cozy, sophisticated and elegant, casual and relaxed?
  • Do you have decorating challenges that you just can’t solve?

Diana’s expertise dramatically transforms your home so that it looks amazingly attractive and pulled together. Diana’s approach is based on proven interior redesign principles and techniques that maximize every room’s potential. Using your existing belongings, she reworks rooms to showcase your personality and lifestyle. Diana takes into account the balance, color, scale and texture in each room. Diana’s objectivity, artistic eye  and expertise  combine to create a home that has great impact and reflects your individual style.

Conscious Decorating

Have you ever felt instantly at ease in a space?

Are you uncomfortable in a cluttered room?

Is there a room in your house that is rarely used?

What you are responding to is the energy within the space! Ideally, energy in a home is most beneficial when it is clear and flowing.Conscious Decorating© is a combination of using awareness to create a home with flowing ,balanced energy and using meaningful, sustainable objects to furnish your space. Diana uses pragmatic skills coupled with amazing intuitive abilities to deliver optimal, rejuvenating and reenergizing  redesigns of your living space.

When you begin to create changes at home, whether rearranging furniture, clearing clutter or painting a room a vibrant color, energy begins to shift. People usually know this intuitively because they feel like they are making a fresh start and expanding their life.  Another component to Conscious Decorating is using objects  that resonate with you and reflect back to you in a positive, nurturing and uplifting way. Often, possibilities emerge that were never considered and other areas of your life open up.


  Color Consultations and Material Specification


A personalized, striking color palette for your walls is a great use of your resources to create a desired ambience in your living space. By  utilizing a beautiful, livable color palette, you will enjoy a flowing, unified look and feel to your home. Diana’s expert color advice will take the guess work out of selecting colors for your home.

Unsure of what materials and finishes you would like to use for a rehab or remodel? A design consultation can guide you to selecting the cabinetry, carpeting, materials and finishes to make your finished project exceed your expectations. When selecting materials that you will be living with for a long time, it is important to make certain your selections are up to date to maximize your home’s allure.



Professional Home Staging Services

  • A professionally staged home provides an inviting lifestyle image for the buyer and showcases your home’s unique features in its best light. Professional home staging is a necessity in today’s challenging housing market.

 First impressions count! Professionally preparing your home for the market creates inviting curb appeal, which is critical for that first impression.

When preparing your home for sale it is important to show your home to its best advantage.  By enhancing a home’s architecture and
 layout, you allow buyers to focus on the home, not its contents. Potential buyers begin to visualize your home as their own.

For new construction model homes, Diana offers expert assistance with finishes and materials selections. She creates neutral, welcoming color palettes and selects furniture, art and accessories for complete styling of model houses. She has extensive experience in creating the desirable lifestyle that appeals to new construction home buyers.



  Seasonal Decorating


Your home’s ambiance is greatly enhanced when you change accessories and accents to reflect the current season, Diana helps you create a plan to keep your home looking fresh and updated throughout the year. It is energizing to change out accessories every season and keep your home looking current.

Diana creates festive, striking holiday looks for a stress-free transformation of your home. Using your holiday decorations or starting from scratch, Diana works with you to determine theme, decorating style and colors needed to instill an unforgettable holiday atmosphere.

 “Diana created a breath-taking holiday look throughout our home. The elegant,yet festive ambience made for a memorable and very enjoyable atmosphere. Her original use of both new and old decorations added sparkle and freshness to our home. Her services allowed for our home to be transformed in one day, providing us the time to enjoy the season with great style and reduced stress.”

- Christine Jacobek


  Energy Clearing & Balancing

  • Have you ever felt instantly at ease in a home?
  • Are you uncomfortable In a cluttered room?
  • Is there a room in your house that is rarely used?

What you are responding to is the energy within the space! Ideally, energy in a home is most beneficial when it is clear and flowing. When you begin to create changes at home, work and in relationships, energy starts to shift. Whether rearranging furniture, clearing clutter or painting a room a vibrant color, energy begins to change! People usually know this intuitively because they feel like they are making a fresh start.

Diana has extensively developed her intuitive abilities and is highly attuned to where energy is not flowing optimally. Her passion and enthusiasm lies in assisting others in freeing stuck energy and creating change on many levels. Her grounded, objective presence helps others become clearer allowing growth to happen. By addressing the spiritual and energetic component of a situation, lasting change occurs.

As a trained energy reader and healer, Diana offers a wide range of abilities to her clients. Her creative talents shape a personalized space for her clients while her spiritual abilities assist others in creating change and growth on a deeper level.

“Because I use my living space in a multitude of different ways, I relied on Diana’s expertise to fine tune the flow of my home. In one day’s time she reconfigured my own furnishings, art and accessories into an amazing combination that highlighted the unique architecture of my loft. She showcased my growing collection of beautiful things in unpredictable, creative ways. The energy in my home changed dramatically, allowing me to feel relaxed and inspired there.”

- Theres Arnaudo


Classes and Teleseminars

  • Do you have an eye for creating beautiful spaces?
  • Are you interested in learning about Professional Interior Redesign and Home Staging?
  • Does learning a new set of skills fit into your business plan?


Diana shares her wealth of  knowledge and enthusiasm for design and experience gained in over 18 years in the field, in her compelling on-line tele-seminars and her blog “Great Vibes”.  Diana has authored a comprehensive instruction manual for a 5 day certification program called Professional lnterior Redesign and Home Staging.  Diana is an outstanding facilitator and gives every student the support, guidance and space to absorb the material in their own way.Classes are filled with practical information, hands-on learning  and fun! During the 5 day class you will:

Practice quick and easy interior redesign and home-staging principles,

secrets and strategies to redesigning and staging any home.

Receive a complete interactive interior redesign and home staging workbook.

Work in real homes to consult, redesign and stage typical
rooms during hands-on field trips.

Learn design Do’s and Don’ts of professionals.

Discover strategies for pricing and marketing your services.


 Office Design
  • Does your office reflect the image you want to convey?
  • Are the furnishings placed for optimal function and aesthetics?
  • Is your office a place where you feel inspired and enjoy working?

An office redesign takes into account your chosen profession and its culture. Whether a traditional corporate environment, a creative growing company or a small informal office, Diana’s expertise will greatly enhance your work environment.

Services include: assistance with color, paint and carpet selection, space reconfiguration, and guidance in establishing a particular image. Diana’s forte is to arrange your existing office furnishings and equipment which dramatically changes the flow, look and feel of your office space.